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I called a meeting recently and tried a quick training tip to tell them if the call is lasting too long simply say, “Mrs.

but I’m also all about getting clarity on what it takes to achieve your work goals, so maybe that brings it back into my wheelhouse. My guess is that a few minutes is probably the right answer, but it really depends on what your business model is. Once you have clarity on that, then you can arm your call reps with language to use to set those boundaries.

Anyway, I think the first thing to do here is confront the fundamental question head-on and figure out how much time you’re willing to spend simply on relationship-building with these customers. For example, if a customer calls back a second time to see if their rep has more time to talk now: “Oh, that’s so kind of you!

Smith, I hate to do it, but I have other customers waiting to talk to me, so I need to let you go.” This works great in the moment, and gets them off the phone 90% of the time – but our call volume has increased now because those customers CALL BACK to see if their rep has more time to speak “now that they’ve had time to talk to everyone.” We even have one lady that calls her rep twice per day “just to be sure everything is ok on her account – then starts talking about the weather, the news, the election, and any other subject just to stay on the phone with her.”I am unsure how to approach this from here.

I am stuck between brightening customer’s day by having reps be cordial and the reps being able to manage their time and getting their share of work done for the day. From my experience, senior citizens seem to get their feelings hurt quite easily, and simply having to say “Mrs.